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Why Resveratrol Is Still The Antioxidant Superstar

May 04, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people approach their healthcare. So many, it seems, don’t pay it much mind until they feel sick. Then they rush to their doctor in search of a diagnosis and a prescription that they hope will “cure” them.The problem is, most prescription drugs are reactive, not proactive. They don’t cure disease — they only treat symptoms, not the underlying problem.Let’s face it, we all age. But the real question we need to ask is “how we’ll age.”

Will you find yourself making more and more trips to the doctor as you get older? Sitting for hours in the doctor’s waiting room? Will you finally be diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases and find yourself taking multiple “for life” prescriptions with no cure in sight? Or will you say no and find another way?If your answer is “no” you can start right now… regardless of whether you’re in your 30s, your 70s or even older. You can take a preventive approach to your health. That’s what I do and what I’ve been encouraging my 77-year-old mother to do.A preventive approach to good health addresses root causes. It helps you attain and maintain a state of health — and avoid the degenerative conditions that may come with the passage of years.Fortunately, the natural world provides a great abundance of nutrients that can help you overcome or avoid the “inevitable” infirmities that many people wrongly assume is a part of “just getting older.”

Why do we age?

We can learn a lot from researchers who study the science of aging. It’s well-known, for example, that free radicals, which lead to cell death, underlie most chronic diseases.To explain: Molecules usually have paired ions, but a free radical is missing an ion and tries to compensate by stealing one from a neighboring molecule. That creates another free radical and starts a frenzied chain reaction of ion thefts that results in oxidative stress and leads to cellular destruction.Oxidation (the same chemical reaction that’s seen in rust or a sliced apple that turns brown) leads to an abundance of free radicals and damage to cells, muscles, tissue and organs — just about every part of your body. Free radicals may even corrupt your mitochondria — the parts of cells responsible for the energy you absolutely must produce to sustain life.So what are the effects? You have free radicals to thank not only for inflammation caused cell damage, but also for most other illnesses that are considered a “part of aging.” Such as heart and blood sugar concerns, joint discomfort and problems with memory and movement — plus (to add insult to injury) wrinkled, loose skin and looking older than your age.The good news is that powerful antioxidants have the ability to scavenge free radicals, suppress inflammation and protect against cellular damage.

Resveratrol — the super antioxidant

Free radicals result from exposure to environmental toxins, poor diet, cigarette smoke, fried foods, etc., and they become a problem when your antioxidant intake is too low. Since internally-generated antioxidants decline with age, you may need to supplement.One of the most potent antioxidants on the face of the planet is resveratrol, which comes primarily from the skin of red and black grapes.Inflammation that occurs as your body’s natural response to outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses is good — but when it becomes chronic, it’s harmful. Resveratrol is a powerhouse antioxidant that’s particularly adept at fighting free radicals and the effects of inflammation.According to a recent study, resveratrol protects you by knocking out the two molecules responsible for inflammation.Resveratrol also does a lot of other things. It helps smooth blood flow and it helps you maintain your cholesterol and blood sugar within healthy ranges and supports brain health.In fact, many experts feel that boosting the levels of various antioxidants in your body can help slow the aging process and may even help you increase longevity.That’s why we’ve developed the A-team of antioxidant protection — a powerful combination of resveratrol and eight other super fruits that have the highest antioxidant values.

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