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Turmeric Functions

Dec 31, 2016

Blood and Qi, the menstrual flow, and relieve pain. Treating heart swelling with pain, arm pain, abdominal mass, women's blood stasis by the close, stasis to stop postpartum abdominal pain, fell-bashing damage, Carbuncles. [3]

Qi stagnation and blood stasis of chest and abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and pain, often equipped with corydalis, Cyperus.

① the Tang of Materia Medica: main henchman junction product, 构词成分。 Wu, gas, blood, in addition to wind-heat, eliminating Carbuncles. Strong skill in turmeric.

② the Chinese Materia Medica: blood clot treatment of abdominal mass, Carbuncles, through menstruation, rule fell flapping stasis, swelling HIV; storm hurts air conditioners, food under.

③ the book of Materia Medica: cure flatulence and postpartum blood '.

About the compendium of treat wind-blocking and arm pain.

⑤ Materia: in addition to henchmen gas bloating and air-conditioning indigestion pains.

⑥ the Materia: syndrome of Qi syndrome swelling, fullness of breath chokes, epigastric pain, bellies shoulder and arm pain, rheumatism, hernia.

Sadly, of the medical faculty compiling to treat extremities cold damp bi.

H of the modern practical Chinese medicine: aromatic stomachic and good disinfection effect of biliary tract and liver. For jaundice, pain in the chest and swelling stuffy. As a hemostatic agent, and vomiting blood, are easy to blood, urine, and treatment of hemorrhoids. External abscess wounds.