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There Are Three Key Obstacles That Must Be Overcome In Order To Make An Effective Resveratrol Supplement:

Oct 17, 2017

1. The Instability of Resveratrol Resveratrol is highly unstable and it readily oxides upon contact with air and by exposure to light and heat. The acids of the stomach also destroy the integrity of the Resveratrol upon contact As a result of this, by the time they reach the end-consumer and are taken into the body –All of the many Resveratrol supplements tested by SISEL were found on average to have lost up to 98% of their potency and effectiveness! 

2. Resveratrol in supplement form must be taken in a very high concentration. Studies on Resveratrol indicate that in order to achieve the full health benefits you would need to consume 250 glasses of red wine a day! Therefore, for a Resveratrol supplement to be effective - it much have a very large amount of Resveratrol concentrated into the supplement. But doing this creates another problem.

 3. Resveratrol in a supplement form is difficult for the body to absorb Resveratrol molecules are electrically attracted to each other and this causes them to bind up together in supplement formulations and form large molecular clusters that are much too big to be assimilated into the cells of the body These are the reasons why there has never been an Effective Resveratrol supplement available in the consumer marketplace. The scientists at SISEL International's World Class research and manufacturing facility in Springville, Utah have been able to determine that the only effective way to deliver Resveratrol in a High Potency state is in a liquid form. Some companies offer a liquid form of Resveratrol that is made up by dissolving a powdered form of Resveratrol in water. But the process of making Resveratrol into a powder degrades the effectiveness of the Resveratrol and since Resveratrol is not water soluble, the net result is a powder that clumps at the bottom of the water solution since it is not able to dissolve into solution. This process does not preserve the potency of the Resveratrol Molecule but rather it delivers a very highly degraded form of Resveratrol that has little or no benefits to the body. SISEL's Founder Tom Mower expended 30 million dollars of his own money into the development of the first viable Resveratrol supplement Eternity which is being made using patented formulation processes that yield the most effective Resveratrol supplement offering the highest concentration of Resveratrol available from any supplement.

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