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The Health Benefits Of Spirulina One Of The World's Most Nutritious Foods

Oct 11, 2017

No other food on earth can match the health benefits of spirulina (except for its close relative, chlorella). For this reason, spirulina is routinely used as an ingredient in most green superfood powders. Spirulina is not really a nutritional supplement, but an incredibly dense and complete food made from commercially cultivated microalgae.

Spirulina has one of the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any food known. Chlorophyll has numerous health benefits; it's well-known for its ability to break down and eliminate toxins and heavy metals such as DDT, PCBs, mercury, cadmium, and lead. Spirulina has also been shown to be beneficial for gastrointestinal problems, fighting infections and helping your body assimilate calcium and balance other trace minerals.

Benefits of Spirulina: Cleansing & Detoxification.

The benefits of spirulina include outstanding detoxification properties that are so important these days because of the number of toxins that we're being exposed to from our environment. Spirulina has the unique ability to bind to toxins and eliminate them from your system.

When you put your body under extreme stress, such as intense physical training, toxins and free radicals are released from your tissues. The chlorophyll in spirulina helps eliminate these waste products, and cleanses your liver, kidneys and blood. Well-functioning liver and kidneys are critical to the overall function of every part of your body.

This cleansing effect is also important if you're on any sort of low-carb diet (Atkins diet, South Beach diet, etc.). These types of diets can place a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys, due to the increased elimination of excess ketones that occurs.

Other Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina has been found to have significant positive effects on people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Studies show that spirulina has the ability to reduce fasting blood sugar levels in the body after 6 to 8 weeks of intake.

Spirulina helps support a healthy pH balance in your body. A diet heavy on acidic foods such as animal proteins and grains can be effectively balanced by the alkaline properties of spirulina.

Among the many other benefits of spirulina are the following:

  • inhibits the power of many viruses

  • helps diminish allergies such as hay fever

  • helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol

  • helps control symptoms of ulcerative colitis

  • exerts strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

  • helps boost the immune system

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