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Spirulina For Weight Loss: Use Super-Food Spirulina To Shed Those Extra Kilos

Jul 13, 2017

The super-food spirulina is a power house of various essential nutrients like proteins, fatty acids, vitamins B, C, E and chlorophyll. This single-cell microscopic blue-green algae is considered to be one of the earliest forms of life on the planet.

Spirulina for weight loss is usually consumed in the form of capsules, tablet, or powder. However, you must make sure that spirulina is used for weight loss as per the directions of the manufacturer and after consultation with the physician.

High on Nutritional Value

Spirulina and weight loss are connected by the fact that this store house of vitamins increases the concentration of vital nutrients in the body thus, reducing hunger and food cravings. Whenever you feel hungry, the body starts creating an effect to fulfill its need for nutrients. When a poor diet is consumed, your appetite increases as the brain starts to look for the nutrients it wants. This will lead you to eating more food. Therefore, spirulina can be the best option to provide the body with nutrients it requires.

High in Protein

When you take spirulina on a regular basis, it helps in weight loss and building muscles. It is a low-carb diet due to its high-protein content. Spirulina consists of up to 70 per cent protein, depending on growing conditions, and eight amino acids. The digestive absorption of the protein in this super-food is four times higher than that of beef. When a diet filled with digestible proteins is clubbed with an exercise regime it can help build lean muscles mass helping the body to burn more calories.

Low on Calories

Spirulina gives the body only 3.9 calories for each gram of protein when compared to beef which supplies 65 calories for each gram of protein. A 500 mg tablet of spirulina has only two calories. When you consume spirulina on a regular basis, it fulfills the nutritional needs of the body that too without any excessive calorie intake.

Essential Fatty Acids

Spirulina consists of Omega-3 fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). The highest consistency of GLA has been found in breast milk which is best for the development of a child. The GLA also helps regulate the blood sugar level in the body and put control over insulin levels which minimizes carbohydrate binging and help lose weight.

If you have been facing troubles in getting that flabby body into shape, you must switch to spirulina for weight loss and to have a lean and healthy body that too without any hassles.

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