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Senna Extract What Are The Main Ingredients Of

Dec 31, 2016

Angustifolia angustifolia sennoside c-two of Rhein-Aloe-emodin anthrone -8,8 '-glucoside. Pods other than of sennoside a and b, and acid emodin and chrysophanol glycosides of glucose, and trace amounts of Aloe-emodin and emodin glucoside. Sharp leaf Senna leaf and pod containing fear compounds 0.85~2.86% and 2.34~3.16%, respectively, to separate acid emodin and Aloe-emodin, a small amount of chrysophanol and sennoside a and sennoside b and c. The anthracene compounds are Glycoside. This plant contains 3,5--dimethyl-methoxy benzoic acid. With the ear of the genus Senna leaves contain tannin, leaves with graying effect, bark contains polyphenol oxidase.