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Resveratrol Is Good For Diabetic People

Mar 15, 2017

In a previous study, it was found out that resveratrol is effective in lowering blood sugar levels. However, it baffled the scientists how there is little resveratrol in the bloodstream of those patients given. So they made another study, which was published in the journal "Diabetes", about the impact of resveratrol to the community of bacteria, or microbiome, in the gut of obese mice. After the examination of the researchers at the U of A, the team found out that giving resveratrol to the obese mice in six weeks has changed the makeup of the bacteria in their intestines. It has also better the mice glucose tolerance, reported Science Daily.

To further their understanding of the study, the team did another experiment. The fed a group of healthy mice with resveratrol for eight weeks. After that, they collected the fecal waste and transplanted it to the obese mice with insulin resistance. The researchers were shocked at the result. It has healed the obese mice faster than when they took the resveratrol orally.

"Whatever was in this fecal material was more potent and efficacious than the resveratrol itself," says Dyck, also a member of the Alberta Diabetes Institute. "We performed fecal transplants in pre-diabetic obese mice and within two weeks their blood sugar levels were almost back to normal," Dyck added. If they found that certain chemical that makes the process faster, it will be a very big advancement in treating diabetes, he explained happily.

Meanwhile, it was found out that drugs used to treat diabetes can now be used to treat Alzheimer's disease. The medications or drugs that are used to control levels of glucose and regulate diabetes can be used to halt the onset of dementia as the two diseases are very much alike, said Telegraph.

The said study stated that there is a change in glucose that is occurring when a person has Alzheimer's disease. Now, that complication leads to having diabetes, so the two are very much the same.

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