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Resveratrol Effects On Testosterone And Estrogen

Jul 26, 2017

The effects of resveratrol on testosterone and estrogen levels continues to receive a lot of research attention and interest from the general public.

Resveratrol seems to increase testosterone levels in the blood and may be an agonist for androgen receptors.

Research also suggests that resveratrol has an anti-aromatase effect on testosterone, meaning that it does not get converted into estrogen at the same rate. This is important for anyone interested in using a testosterone booster, since increased levels of this male sex hormone also lead to increased conversion (or aromatization) into estrogen.

What are the implications of this connection between resveratrol and testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women?

Resveratrol Supplements

A discovery in the 1990’s led to the development of resveratrol supplements.

Steadily growing in popularity every year, particularly in the United States, the benefits of resveratrol are said to be numerous.

Research shows it possess some degree of anti-aging benefits on the body and disease prevention abilities. Studies have found it capable of increasing lifespan in experimental animals and of improving the health of various systems in the body.

It also acts as an anti-oxidant and may protect the brain and heart from free radical damage.

But the supplement form is not only popular with people who want to live longer and healthier. It is also rapidly becoming a popular supplement for bodybuilders, athletes and anyone who wants to stay in shape.

There appears to be a strong scientific connection between resveratrol and muscle building. For those that exercise on a regular basis and eat a balanced calorie controlled diet, resveratrol may help you to build muscle and reduce cholesterol.

Resveratrol and Testosterone

There have been many claims made about the benefits of taking resveratrol supplements and not all have not been backed by scientific research. However, the connection between testosterone and resveratrol is something that has been investigated in the past and continues to be studied today.

Research validates that high doses of resveratrol can increase testosterone in the body. The effect this has or can have on the body is currently still under review, but it has been previously established that there are several health benefits that come with increased levels of testosterone in the body.

Top Resveratrol Supplements

So far, the studies that have looked at resveratrol’s effects on testosterone levels found that there is a dose-dependent correlation. In one study published in 2008 in the Archives of Pharmacal Research, resveratrol was found to increase blood testosterone correlation by 51.6% when dosed at a 50 mg/kg level in mice.

The study also found an increase in testicular sperm counts and sperm motility following administration of resveratrol. The supplement was also found to trigger penile erections in mice.

In another study, this supplement also increased the activity of the steroidogenesis acute regulatory protein (StAR) which is a factor that determine how quickly the body synthesizes steroid hormones.

Testosterone supports muscle building by making it easier for our bodies to absorb proteins inside the muscle tissue. This results in the muscle fibers getting larger and also helps the muscle tissue to repair itself.

The latter is very important for building muscle and is the primary area where the connection between resveratrol and testosterone is being investigated. Your body needs to repair itself very quickly after the stress and pressure placed upon the muscles during exercises. Some preliminary studies show that resveratrol may help in this process.

Resveratrol and Estrogen

The increased levels of testosterone that are caused by this supplement, doesn’t imply that it is only suitable for men.

Research suggests that the level of testosterone in our bodies is lower now that in previous recorded history, and this can be a problem for women as well. While men produce and absorb up to 20 times more testosterone than women on a daily basis, females also need small amounts of this hormone.

Typically associated as the masculine sex hormone, testosterone is essential for women in just the same manner that a small amount of estrogen is essential for men.

Resveratrol is also observed to have effects on estrogen levels in the body, though the connection is not as well-defined as with testosterone. When testosterone levels increase, some of this sex hormone will be converted into estrogen through an aromatization process.

Increased levels of estrogen has been identified as one of the possible leading causes of breast cancer in women. Products such as toothpaste have been blamed as a leading cause for an increased level of estrogen in the human body.

Resveratrol seems to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, thereby keeping levels healthy and balanced. Studies found that this supplement inhibits aromatase in breast cancer cells, resulting in lower estrogen levels.

Another study found that it can be both an agonist and an antagonist of estrogen receptors. In estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells, resveratrol acted as an agonist, which means it increased the stimulation of these receptors. In the presence of 17beta-estradiol, resveratrol was shown to act as estrogen receptor antagonist, meaning it blocks the stimulation of these receptors.

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