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Powerful Antiseptic, Detoxifying Colon, Prevention Of Gastrointestinal Diseases

Dec 31, 2016

• Powerful disinfectants. Sulfur compounds in garlic are singularly strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, variety of cocci, bacilli and fungi and viruses have inhibitory and bactericidal effects, is currently the strongest antibacterial effect found naturally in plants.

• Preventing and treating tumor and cancer. Garlic in the germanium and selenium and other elements can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cancer cells, found that the groups with the lowest rates of cancer is the highest level of selenium in the blood of people. United States national cancer organizations believe that the anticancer potential of the world's plants, topped the list is garlic.

• Detoxifies the colon, prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

• Lowers blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Garlic promotes the secretion of insulin, increasing the uptake of glucose by cells, improve glucose tolerance, quickly lower blood sugar levels in the body, and kill infection-induced diabetes in a variety of bacteria, so as to effectively prevent and treat diabetes.

⒌ Prevention of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. Garlic can prevent fatty deposits in blood vessels of heart and brain, induces fat metabolism within the Organization, a significant increase in fibrinolytic activity, lower cholesterol, inhibition of platelet aggregation, decrease the plasma concentration, increasing arteriolar dilation, vasodilation, regulates blood pressure, increase vascular permeability, thus inhibiting the formation of blood clots and prevent arteriosclerosis.

6, prevention of influenza

Garlic contains compounds called "curing acrylic" capsaicin, pathogens and parasites have a good effect, can prevent colds, reduce fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and other cold symptoms.

7, anti-fatigue effect

Some research one of the pork food rich in vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 in conjunction with garlic contains allicin can reduce fatigue and recover good play.