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Grape Seed Extract Uses

Dec 31, 2016

Grape seed extract has discovered one of the most efficient antioxidants from plant sources, in vivo and in vitro experiments show that grape seed extract "Procyanidins OPC" antioxidant effect is 50-70 times the vitamin c and vitamin e. Super antioxidant efficiency of scavenging free radicals, improve the strength of immune system effects. Grape seed extract (Grape Seed Extract) is rich in Bioflavonoids, powerful essence used to fight free radicals (free radicals) and maintenance of micro-vascular health. (Free radicals are one of the important causes of aging and many diseases, estimated that 80%-90% of the ageing and degenerative diseases are associated with free radicals, therefore, antioxidant grape seed extract on human body, enhance immunity has the effect. [4]

As the raw materials of health food directly into dosage forms such as capsules, for United States natural plant is one of the ten best-selling varieties. OPC due to high quality of water and good solubility in alcohol, combined with its bright color effect is widely added to soft drinks and wine. As has very strong oxidation resistance of natural functional ingredients in Europe and was widely added to a variety of common foods such as cakes, cheeses, both as a nutrient supplement and as a natural preservative to replace synthetic preservatives (benzoic acid), meets the requirements of a return to nature and improve food security.