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Garlic Has Medicinal Value

Dec 31, 2016

Garlic in your mouth and tongue movement, saliva swallowed, repeated several times, garlic odorless spit out after the first symptoms of a cold, cold coughing is good.

Garlic dressing arch in treatment of coughing, epistaxis, constipation

Every night before going to bed, Wash feet soles on Yongquan acupoint garlic slice and put it on (in 1/3 at the foot); medical tape stuck close to the prison; time in 8 hours or so, cough, epistaxis (commonly known as: nosebleeds) and constipation have a certain effect, for 7-10 days in a row, the effect is better.

A few feet blisters with enough garlic, may suspend the application until the skin recovery after the blisters break and then sticking, generally no longer blistering.

Pain can be due to hemorrhoids with roasted garlic. Dough is whole grain garlic don't Peel, wrapped in aluminum foil and then Bake until softened, then peeled, attach the gauze to the affected area. On the bed post before, getting up in the morning and then removed, the effect is very good.