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Characteristics Of Fruit And Vegetable Powder

Dec 31, 2016

1, low moisture content, you can extend the storage period, reducing storage, transport and packaging costs; 2, high utilization rate of raw material, of its raw material requirements are not high, especially in the size, shape, there is no requirement for raw materials; 3, paying special attention to clearing rotting of fruits and vegetables in the processing of parts (complete removal of aflatoxin and Patulin strong carcinogens). At complete removal of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. After the removal of these side effects, made of fruit and vegetable powder, broaden the scope of application of the fruits and vegetables raw material, nutrient losses small. Research shows that fruit and vegetable powders can be applied to almost all areas of food processing, can be used to improve the nutritional content of products, improve product's color and flavor.