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Best Organic Supplement​s: Buy 100% Natural Spirulina

Jul 07, 2017

Weight Control

Spirulina can reduce appetite to control weight, along with being incredibly low in calories.  For instance a standard 500 mg tablet of spirulina only has two calories. Regular consumption of spirulina will provide you with a good portion of your daily nutritional needs, without any caloric consequences.
Spirulina has the ability to help remove toxins therefore protecting the liver.  Taking spirulina regularly is ideal for low carb meal plans and building muscle due to it's high protein content, containing up to 70 percent protein, as well as all eight essential amino acids.  The digestive absorption of the protein in spirulina is four times greater than that of beef. Easily digestible protein in conjunction with a sound exercise plan will help build lean muscle, which helps your body burn more calories & fat throughout the day.

When used in conjunction with a workout, it has been proven that Spirulina can also increase stamina and the amount of fat you burn. In the study, participants received either the natural spirulina supplement or a placebo for 4 weeks. They were then asked to run on a treadmill, and finally their performance was measured, blood samples were taken and results showed a clear advantage in those taking spirulina.

Lowers Cholesterol

Taking spirulina can reduce cholesterol according to a study done in Seoul, Korea on the effects of spirulina found that both male and female subjects had significantly lower cholesterol levels after taking spirulina for 16 weeks.  Individuals with Diabetes tend to have lower "good" or HDL cholesterol levels and increased triglycerides and "bad" or LDL cholesterol levels. These abnormal levels of fats in the blood increase the risk for heart disease and stroke in diabetics.  Spirulina decreases blood glucose, total cholesterol and tryglicerides and improved HDL cholesterol in a diabetic studies. Spirulina can also help reduce blood pressure.

Boosts Immune System

Spirulina powder boosts the immune system by activating T-cells, natural killer cells and macrophages, all of which work to attack invading organisms. Spirulina also keeps HIV, the AIDS virus, and other viruses including herpes, mumps, measles and influenza from making copies of themselves. Spirulina keeps viruses from penetrating cell membranes, and infecting the cells, because viruses need to be inside cells in order to replicate. Outside the cell, the virus can't replicate and the body's natural defenses can then eliminate it.  Spirulina also helps hasten wound healing.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Cancer research studying the effects of spirulina in human subjects is almost nonexistent, actually almost all of the studies have used animals.  That said, I found that spirulina contains a powerful antioxidant, phycocyanin, which may inhibit growth of leukemia cells and help shrink or eliminate skin cancer.  Spirulina stimulates immune response to destroy developing malignant cells without being harmful to normal cells.  While the results seem very promising, the lack of human studies makes it impossible to say for certain whether spirulina can fight cancer in humans.

Allergy Relief

Spirulina works as a histamine blocker, keeping your body from releasing histamine, the chemical that causes inflammation and allergic symptoms.  By blocking histamine release, spirulina improves symptoms of allergic reactions including sneezing, itching, congestion and runny nose.

Other helpful benefits Spirulina are helping manage ulcerative colitis, and helps to increase mental alertness.

Using Spirulina

The average total adult dose of spirulina is 1 to 10 grams per day and probably should not exceed 50 grams. Spirulina may interact with certain drugs, herbs and other supplements. Check with your doctor to make sure you're not taking anything that contraindicates use. The source of the supplement is important. One word of warning, not all spirulina is grown, processed, or packaged in the same way. Companies add different ingredients, even within the same brand. Many people choose an organic variety. Pay attention to product labels to determine what's right for you.

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