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Astaxanthin For Athletic Endurance And Recovery

Apr 13, 2017

A convincing demonstration of the benefits of astaxanthin for athletic performance is the feat  of salmon swimming upstream to spawn.

Salmon often go without food for days, drawing on their own reserves while making their way upstream for hundreds of miles. Where do they acquire such endurance? Much of it comes from their considerable dietary intake of astaxanthin.

The benefits of astaxanthin for serious athletes are significant. Regular users report that supplementing with astaxanthin:

  • increases strength and stamina

  • reduces recovery time

  • prevents joint and muscle soreness after exercise

If you excercise regularly, you don't want to be slowed down from fatigue or sore joints and muscles. Anything that can reduce inflammation will benefit your performance — and astaxanthin has been shown to be one of the most effective natural inflammatories there are.

How does astaxanthin help with stamina and endurance?

Astaxanthin's ability to increase your endurance is due to its beneficial effect on your mitochondria, the part of your cells that generates up to 95 percent of your energy. Many of your mitochondrial cells are found in your muscle tissue; that's where you have the greatest need for them. When your mitochondria can't produce enough energy to meet your body's demands, your strength and endurance suffer.

This energy-producing activity of your mitochondria also has a downside — it generates highly reactive free radicals that damage your cell membranes. The more strenuous your activity, the more free radicals you produce. This cellular damage results in excessive inflammation which results in tired and sore muscles.

When you're engaged in any strenuous aerobic exercise, your body is using oxygen at an accelerated rate, and generating 12 times as many free radicals as when you are resting. Numerous studies, with humans as well as animals, have shown that astaxanthin's powerful ability to quench these free radicals gives you more strength and endurance.

Astaxanthin is also effective in reducing lactic acid buildup during intense exercise. Lactic acid is what produces the "burn" you feel when you're exerting your muscles to their max; lactic acid buildup will reduce your overall stamina.

Many competitive and endurance athletes have become believers in astaxanthin supplements for all of the above reasons.

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