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Astaxanthin Fights Holiday Stress

May 04, 2017

Stressed out? This seafood secret will put you in the pink

There are benefits to being a little older and wiser.

You don’t have to work quite so hard anymore. You can have a good time with the grandkids, and then send them home with their parents. You know who your true friends are, and you can stay far away from the “dating scene.”

Unfortunately, getting older also means that stress can really take its toll on you — and your body and mind don’t always bounce back so quickly.

And especially this time of year, running all those holiday errands — starting in the dark hours of the early morning till the dark hours of the late afternoon — can make you feel especially sluggish.

You might even find yourself in a brain fog that just won’t clear out.

But according to the latest science, you can get some relief by carefully choosing what you put on your plate — and judging each meal by its color.

Now, we already know that the more colorful the food is, the healthier and more nutritious it can be. Whether it’s bright orange carrots or deep purple berries, the particular hue of many fruits and veggies are like a calling card that shouts out, “Eat me!”

But those pigments that have such great antioxidant properties aren’t only found in plants.

Specifically, there’s a natural compound that gives certain seafood a reddish color, a carotenoid antioxidant called “astaxanthin” — and you don’t have to be able to pronounce it in order to regain some of your lost pep.

It’s so powerful, in fact, that it’s been nicknamed “king of the carotenoids”!

In a recent study out of Japan, subjects who took an astaxanthin supplement for eight weeks reported significantly improved mental and physical fatigue levels, compared to a placebo group.

The astaxanthin group made fewer mistakes on a cognitive test and reported feeling less tired after a test of physical stamina. They also had better mood and concentration.

And when doctors measured the subjects’ cortisol levels — that’s the hormone your body produces in stressful times like these — it was lower in the group that took astaxanthin. I’ve found that astaxanthin can not only give you energy, but it can also rev up your brainpower… protect your vision… keep your heart strong and reliable… and even firm up sagging skin.

Astaxanthin is found primarily in salmon, but be sure to read the label carefully. The bright colors you see on the “farm-raised” varieties are frequently artificial.

You want the real stuff — not color that’s been added — so choose “wild-caught” varieties instead (ideally from the reddest type of salmon, wild sockeye).

Although it’s not as popular in the U.S. as it is in places around the world like Japan and India, you can get astaxanthin in supplement form as part of a carotenoid formula.

Just be sure it’s from a quality maker you can trust that has extracted it from a natural source (like algae), rather than using a synthetic version.

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