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Astaxanthin - Research In Eye Fatigue

May 05, 2017

The use of computers, and various small visual screens in everyday life, such as mobiles and notebooks, more and more in our everyday life, means that eye fatigue has become a much more prevalent problem than ever before.

The symptoms of asthenopia caused include sensitivity to glare, headaches, sore eyes, and blurred vision. General eye fatigue symptoms are in most cases mild, but symptoms get progressively worse if the causes and symptoms are not rectified.

From our prior research we already know that astaxanthin has profound properties to help with anti-aging, but its other positive effects now show that it helps to reduce eye fatigue and asthenopia.

Recently several published clinical studies have shown a positive link between astaxanthin intake and the reduction of eye fatigue.

So far, nine Japanese clinical studies conducted by six independent ophthalmological establishments were able to conclude the efficacy of astaxanthin to alleviate visual asthenopia by observed improvements in the accommodation function and recovery of the ciliary body; retinal blood flow and inflammation markers.

A study by Nakamura (2004), demonstrated significant improvements in reducing asthenopia and positive accommodation in 4 mg per day and 12 mg per day groups. However, Nitta et al., (2005), established the optimum daily dose at 6 mg for a period of 4 weeks by comparing eye fatigue using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and accommodation values.

Furthermore, results obtained by Shiratori et al., (2005) and Nagaki et al., (2006), also confirmed the previous findings that astaxanthin supplementation at 6 mg for 4 weeks improved symptoms associated with tiredness, soreness, dryness and blurry vision; and another study by Takahashi & Kajita (2005), also demonstrated that astaxanthin treated groups were able to recover quicker than control groups after heavy visual stimulus.

Japanese ophthalmology researches also further concluded that in supplemental terms this equated to 4 mg astaxanthin per day potentially delivering the same benefits as 4 mg prednisolone without the side effects of intraocular pressure build-up.

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