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Antioxidant Activity Of Plants

Dec 31, 2016

Since 1900, Gomberg free radicals (tripheylemthylradical), since the theory, people gradually deepen studies of free radicals. Traditional synthesis of anti-oxidant although anti-oxidation capacity than strong, but long-term edible has potential of toxicity, some even will produced to orthodontic, and carcinogenic role, so increasingly by people of exclusion; and bee pollen is bee from flowers Shang collection of pollen grain, contains yellow ketone class, and vitamin, and hormone, and nucleic acid, and enzyme class and trace elements,, has anti-aging role, is good of anti-oxidation food. Kudzu, eucommia leaf, medlar, hovenia dulcis, Poria, schisandra, gingko, bamboo, lemon, citrus and the antioxidant activity of propolis have been proved. Therefore, selected from natural products with antioxidant and free radical scavenging active substances in food and pharmaceutical industry has great significance.