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Amino Acid-base Properties

Dec 31, 2016

1, gender liberation and isoelectric point

Crystallization of amino acids in aqueous solution or are basically a zwitterionic or dipolar ions form. So-called zwitterionic refers in the same amino acid molecules can release a Proton NH3+ on valinate ion and COO-ion that can accept a Proton, thus amino acids are amphoteric electrolyte.

The isoelectric point of amino acids: amino acids charged depends on the pH values of the environment, changing the pH value can be positively charged or negatively charged amino acids, so that it is equal to the number of positive and negative charges, the net charge is zero the zwitterionic. Equal to the number of positive and negative charges carried by the amino acid solution pH values of the net charge is zero is called the AA

2, the dissociation constant

Dissociation in the K1 and K2 ' representative on the α-carbon atom, respectively-COOH and-NH3 dissociation constants. On biochemistry, a dissociation constant is under certain conditions (a certain concentration and ionic strength) determination. Isoelectric point calculation by molecular dissociation groups on the apparent dissociation constants have been determined.