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Oxymatrine (matrine oxide, matrine N-oxide, matrine 1-oxide) is one of many quinolizidine alkaloid compounds extracted from the root of Sophora flavescens, a Chinese herb. It is very similar in structure to matrine, which has one less oxygen atom.
Oxymatrine has a variety of effects in vitro and in animal models, including protection against apoptosis, tumor and fibrotic tissue development, and inflammation.
Furthermore, oxymatrine has been shown to decrease cardiac ischemia (decreased blood perfusion), myocardial injury,arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), and improve heart failure by increasing cardiac function.
Oxymatrine is derived from the Sophora plants. It has been shown to have some degree of antiviral properties. It is often used in treating Hepatits B due to its suggested ability to reduce liver damage and reduce viral load. It has also been suggested that oxymatrine can increase blood flow and in China it is sometimes used as an anti-cancer drug.
1.Improve the leucocyte deficiency symptoms so as to enhance the body's immune function;
2. Resist fungi, antibiotic, It is effective in dealing with trichomonad vaginitis, flagellate disease, 
amoeba dysentery and fungus dysentery, etc;
3. It can cure tonsillitis, mastitis, smooth the asthma etc.when taken orally.
4.bactericidal drugs to cure infusorium, giardia,
5.a cure for arrhythmia
6.anti diarrhea and antiasthmatic drugs
7.anti anaphylaxis, anti inflammation and diuresis
It is vegetable insecticide with contact and stomach action, which is characterised by efficient, low toxicity and long-term effect. 
Oxymatrine could effectively treat chronic viral hepatitis and promote the serum markers of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) in chronic hepatitis B and C to convert to negative and reduce serum level of ALT. It is valuable to pay more attention to the basic and clinical research of oxymatrine in order to explore the accurate mechanisms of its effect on antihepatic fibrosis.

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