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Stevia (Stevioside, Rebaudioside A) is natural and derived from the leaves of stevia plant, it does not contain any harmful chemicals often found in artificial sweeteners. Stevia is safe for diabetics, has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, and has even been recommended by the World Health Organization for use as a treatment for hypertension. By replacing sugar with stevia, consumers could potentially decrease caloric intake, helping to reduce obesity and other associated health risks.

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Stevia extract

Part of plant used



Rebaudioside A 60%, 90%, 95%, 97%, 98% by HPLC
Stevioside 60%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 97%, 98% 99% by HPLC
Total steviol glycosides 90% -98%



White to off-white powder or granules with cool flavor. It's about 250 times sweeter than the cane sugar, which has slightly
bitter taste in the high concentrations. The sweet flavor can be lingering in the mouth. Its melting Point is 196-198 degrees Celsius and it can resist high temperature, and more stable in acidic and alkaline solution (PH5-7). The stevioside is soluble in ethanol. It belongs to non-fermentative products, so it can be used in the food which is difficult to sterilize by heated and do not have Maillard brown reaction so as to keep the white color. It's much closer to cane sugar compared with the other natural sweeteners,while the drawback is the large molecular weight and poor permeability. Stevioside has the maximum absorption in the ultraviolet wavelength of spectrophotometer 210nM, thus can be used as quantitative basis.
Classification: Stevioside 90-98%
1. Natural
Stevia is a Natural Green Sweetener which is extracted from Stevia Leaves and was proved to be "Green Food" by the Center of China Green Food Development.
2. Safe
Stevia has been used as Food additives for more than 400 years in Paraguay. It does not join the metabolism, no toxicity which was approved and widely used in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia, USA, Paraguay, Brazil, Australia and so on.
3. Sweetness
It's about 250 times sweeter than cane sugar. Stevioside and Rebaudioside-A are main ingredients in Stevia, which taste cool, refreshing and soft.
4. Low calorie
1/300 of cane sugar.
5. Healthy
Stevioside is called good nutrition supplement and health food for human being in international medical profession. And native people used it as a herbal treatment of the common cold, influenza, congestive diseases such as fistula 400 years ago. Modern medical research found that Stevia can not only help people regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, increase energy and brainpower, but also conducive to the human diet and weight conditioning. Meanwhile it has a good role in the skin care and the treatment of various skin diseases.
6. Stable
Stevia is stable in acid, alkali, hot, light and it is non-fermentative, which can never be moldy after long storage and no browning reaction through heat dealing. As a natural sweetener, it is conducive to restrain the growing of bacteria and prolong the shelf life in the food and drinks
Features of Stevia leaf extract :
1. Pure flavor, original taste and flavour
2. Instant,water soluble
3.Without any addtive,preservatives and pigment
Function of Stevia leaf extract :
(1)high sweetness and low heat, and its sweetness is 200-300 times that of sucrose, thermal value is only 1/300
(2)falling blood sugar and reducing pressure
(3)it can be used for patients who have hypertension or diabetes
(4)promot digestion, improve pancreas and spleen
Product applications:
Stevioside is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical, wine, cosmetics and even in pharmaceutical field in place of other sugars.etc.Compare with sucrose ,it can save the cost of 60%. Stevioside has the characteristic of white color, good taste and no peculiar smell. It's a broad development and good prospect in new sources of sugar.

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