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Bitter melon is the fruit of momordica charantia L produced in tropical areas. It tastes bitter with the characteristic feature, coolness. According to the traditional Chinese pharmacology .
It can expel heat, brighten eyes, eliminate toxin, decrease blood sugar and invigorate human body. It is used in the folk prescriptions in India, Africa and southeast America. Chrantin, the active ingredient in it is yellowish to yellow powder, tastes bitter. It can treat pyreticosis, polydipsia, summerheat stroke, high fever and pain, carbuncle, erysipelas malignant apthae, diabetes and Aids.

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Bitter melon extract

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Charantin 10%-20%



The plant Momordicacharantia belongs to the family of cucuritaceae and is commonly known as bitter melon. The young tender fruit is edible. Because of the taste it acquires the fame painstakingly. It is native to tropical parts of Asia, and widely distributed in the subtropics, the tropics and the warm temperate zone. The bitter melon is rich in Vitamin B, C, the calcium, the iron and so on.
Li Shi Zhen, the medical scientist in China's Ming Dynasty, said that the bitter melon had the effect of" eliminating the evil heat, alleviating fatigue, purifying the mind, clearing the vision, tonifying qi and fortifying yang ". According to the modern research discovery, it can lower blood sugar obviously. It has certain curative effect to diabetes. It has certain effects to viral diseases
and cancer.
In traditional herbal medicine, bitter melon is thought to stimulate digestive function and improve appetite. This has yet to be tested in human studies.Being a relatively common food item, bitter melon was traditionally used for an array of conditions by people in tropical regions. Numerous infections, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common conditions it was purported to improve.1 Unripe fruit, seeds and aerial parts of Momordica charantia Linn. have been used in various parts of the world to treat diabetes. The leaves and fruit have both been used to make teas and beer or to season soups in the Western world. Nowadays Bitter Melon capsules and tinctures are widely available in the Western world where in herbal medicine they are being used for diabetes, HIV and other viruses, colds and flu and psoriasis.
Balsam pear smells bitter, non-toxic, sexual cold, into the heart, liver, spleen, lung has clear heat quench thirst, fall blood pressure, blood fat.
Attending heatstroke, heat polydipsia, heat furuncle, excessive heat rash, diarrhea, sore, conjunctivitis, sore, red and swollen carbuncle swollen erysipelas, burns, oliguria and other disorders.In addition, the vitamin C content of the balsam pear is very high, have prevent scurvy, protection membrane, prevent atherosclerosis, improve the body stress ability, protect the heart, and so on
Bitter melon extract is the concentrated form of the bitter melon fruit. A bitter melon is a tropical vining plant that is related to both cucumbers and melons. The plant grows primarily in southern Asia, China, Africa and the Caribbean.
The ripe fruit of Bitter Melon has been suggested to exhibit some remarkable anti-cancer effects, but there is absolutely no evidence that it can treat cancer. However, preliminary studies do appear to confirm that Bitter Melon may improve blood sugar control in people with adult-onset diabetes (type-II diabetes).
1. Antidiabetic effect: bitter melon extract have the function of regulating blood sugar level. The bitter melon contains steroidal saponins such as charantin, insulin-like peptide and alkaloid, these substances make bitter melon fall blood sugaractivity.
2. Antiviral function: The standard bitter melon extract has been confirmed effective for psoriasis, susceptibility caused by cancer, neurological complications caused by pain, and may delay the onset of cataract or retinopathy and inhibite the AIDS virus by destroying filtration tviral DNA.
3. Good effect for lose weight: The RPA extracted from bitter melon extract has good effect for reducing weight.

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