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Rosemary is a circulatory and nervine stimulant, which in addition to the toning and calming effect Rosemary Extract has on digestion, Rosemary Extract is used whenever psychological tension is present. Rosemary is useful for flatulent dyspepsia, headache or depression associated with debility. Externally, Rosemary oil may be used to ease muscular pain, sciatica and neuralgia. The constituents of Rosemary act as a stimulant to both the hair follicles and circulation in the scalp, and thus may be helpful in treating premature baldness.

Product name

Rosemarry extract

Part of plant used



Rosmarinic acid  5%、10%、20%、30%
     Carnosic acid 5%-10%



Ursolic acid is a kind of natural triterpenoids,which has the activity of sedating,anti-inflammatory,antibacterial,resistance to diabetes,fight ulcer,antitumor,reducing blood fat,enhancing immune.Ursolic acid also has the funcion of obvious antioxidant,so it is widely used as medicine,cosmetics raw materials and food emulsifier.
Ursolic acid, also known as urson, prunol and malol is a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound and extracted from leaf of Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis Linn.). Ursolic acid is naturally presented in a large number of vegetarian foods, medicinal herbs, and other plants,such as Peppermint leaves,Bilberry and Elder Flowers.
Functions Of Carnosic Acid:
1)Food industry High-efficient antioxidant Antibacterial Restrain growing of colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus
2)Pharmaceuticals and Health Care industry Reduce activity of hyaluronidase, then keep hyaluronic acid living For a long time in epidermal cell Antineoplastic Anti-hepatitis, protect liver from damnification Anti-nephritis Anti-thrombus Anti-platelet-aggregation Refreshing, strengthening memory, improving strain and hypersomnia, Anti-depressant
3)Cosmetic industry Intensify constringency, and loss weight Eliminate freckle, strengthen skin elasticity and slow aging Accelerate blood circulation of scalp Improve phalacrosis, reduce scurf and embellish hair Stimulate hair and nail growing
1. The Ancients were well acquainted with Rosemary Extract, which had a reputation for strengthening the memory. Rosemary Extract is an aromatic herb historically used to support mental vitality.
2. Rosemary Extract is a circulatory and nervine stimulant which has a calming effect on digestion. And the constituents of Rosemary Extract act as a stimulant to both the hair follicles and circulation in the scalp.
1. Modern day herbalists use it as an antiseptic for treating flu, viruses and colds; it is believed that can help lower blood sugar and raise blood pressure. It is also used for illness related to the gall bladder and the liver.
2. It contains a number of potentially biologically active compounds, including antioxidants such as carnosic acid that may shield the brain from free radicals, lowering the risk of strokes.
3. It helps to relax muscles, including the smooth muscles of the digestive tract and uterus. Because of this property it can be used to soothe digestive upsets and relieve menstrual cramps.
4. It can also be used as an invigorating toner and astringent, good for treating fatigue at menopause.
5. It is used largely in cosmetics, especially for hair products. It is also used for prevention of dandruff, a rinse to lighten blond hair, and a conditioner for all hair. Mix your shampoo with Rosemary infusion to treat hair loss at menopause.
6. It has a delightful, pine-scented perfume. It can be added to potpourri, or kept in the closets to repel moths.

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