Bromelain Bromelain

Overview Quick Details Type: Bromelain Form: Powder Part: Fruit Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Packaging: Drum, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed Grade: AAAAA Model Number: 100GDU-2500GDU Appearance: Fine powder Color: Light yellow Specification: 100GDU-2500GDU Active Ingredient: Bromelain...

Product Details


Quick Details




Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Packaging:Drum, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed


Model Number:100GDU-2500GDU

Appearance:Fine powder

Color:Light yellow


Active Ingredient:Bromelain


Shelf life:2 Years

Storage:Cool Dry Area

Heavy metals:<10ppm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1.1~10kg/bag,double plastic bags inside,aluminum foil Bag outside . 
2.25kg/drum,double plastic bags inside 
3.Accoding to your requirments

Delivery Time:Within 3 days

Product Description

Wholesale Product High Quality Bromelain Enzyme

Bromelain from plants-in pineapple biological engineering technology extraction and refined a group of sulphur hydrolysis protease, its molecular weight for 33000, isoelectric point of 9.55. Pineapple proteinase mainly comes from plant stem, so also called stem pineapple proteinase. The main components of pineapple proteinase is a kind of containing sulphur protease, also contain peroxidase, acidic phosphatase, several protein inhibitors and organic HuoXing Gai, the active center for sulphur (SH), that can do all kinds of proteins hydrolysis, biochemical reaction, and can be widely used in the food, medicine and biology, etc.

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Wholesale Product High Quality Bromelain Enzyme

English name: Pineapple extract Bromelain
CAS No.: 9001-00-7 
EINECS No.:253-387-5 
Storage Condition: 20°C
Grade: food grade & pharmaceutical grade 
Active ingredients: bromelain 
Specification: 500~3000GDU/G 
Use Part : Stem 
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder 
Mesh size: 90% pass 100 mesh


1.Bromelain has a tender skin, the excellent efficacy Whitening 
2.Bromelain can inhibit tumor cell growth 
3.Bromelain can promote the absorption of nutrients.